If you have been banned on Stunt Zone, and feel like you have been wrongly banned, then you may make a ban appeal. Our higher admins will review your appeal and determine if the ban can be lifted or shortened (The default ban length on Stunt Zone is infinite). For your appeal to be processed, it must follow the format below. It must also have some media evidence showing your innocence, unless you plan to admit fault. If it does not, then your appeal will be automatically rejected. A sample ban appeal will be provided to show you the bare minimum of what we expect.

Excuses such as "My brother got me banned," "My cat enabled my health hacks," et all. Will not be tolerated. If you were breaking the rules and are honest and apologetic in your appeal, it makes the processing the report much easier on both parties.

A ban appeal for ban evasion will be treated as a ban appeal for the original offense, provided the original offense is on record. Continued ban evasion after the appeal is processed will result in a permanent ban from Stunt Zone.

You may only re-post your appeal if it was denied due to having an incorrect format. Otherwise, the decision is final.

Messaging admins on IRC or on the forums about your ban appeal or asking to get unbanned will get you banned for longer if not permanently.
Date and Time:
Reason for ban:
Description of the situation (be as thorough as possible):
Media evidence (videos, screenshots, etc):

Nick: Jad
Date and Time: 04/02/2017 || 8:23
Reason for ban: Example
Description of the situation (be as thorough as possible): i just was doing a example to learn you noob :D